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Berry Collection (PREORDER)
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Berry Collection

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Note: we do not accept returns or exchanges due to the following reasons. If the product has some unevenness, white dots, black spots, bubbles, etc.

Product Details:




ETA 30-45 DAYS


Flower Casserole 20cm


  • 24cm (Include Handle)

  • Height: 14cm (Include Lid)

Capacity: 2.1L


Square BC 24cm


  • Length 24 cm
  • Width 24 cm
  • Height 8 cm

Capacity: 2.8L


Heart Casserole 20cm

Diameter: 20cm

Capacity: 1.9L


Marmite 22cm


  • Diameter 22cm

  • Width  24.5cm

  • Height 11cm


Capacity: 2.6L


Marmite 26cm

Size: 26cm

Capacity: 4.1L


Marmite 28cm

Size: Diameter 28cm

Capacity : 4.9L


RFO 20cm 

Size: (L x W x H) 20 cm x 28.5 cm x 14 cm

Capacity: 2.4 L


RFO 22cm

Size: 20cm x H 15cm (Include Lid)

Capacity: 3.3L


RFO 24cm

Size (L x W x H): 24 cm x 32 cm x 17 cm

Capacity: 4.2 L


RFO 26cm

Size (L x W x H): 26 cm x 33.5 cm x 18 cm

Capacity: 5.3L


Every Rice Pot 18cm


  • Diameter (including handle) 17 (23)cm
  • Height (lid) 13 (18)cm

Capacity: 2L


Every Rice Pot 20cm


  • Diameter: 19cm (25cm incl. handle)
  • Height: 14cm (19cm incl. knob)

Capacity: 2.8L


Saucepan 16cm

Size: 16cm

Capacity 1.2L

** Suitable for ceramic, electric, gas, grill, induction and oven.