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Suppressing waste fire, vertical flame robberer, flame outlet "flame port" has a longer vertical shape than conventional products. If the "flame mouth" is vertical, it will be difficult for the flame to spread to the outside, and waste fire spilling from the bottom of the pot will be suppressed, leading to energy savings.

Easy-to-turn ignition knob From an ergonomic point of view, the ignition knob is designed to be easier to pinch and turn. Equipped with a "heat panel" that keeps the heat of the equipment by warming the heat panel type cylinder that consumes gas without reducing the heat .

● Fluorine-coated top plate that is easy to clean 

● Top plate that can be attached from either side


"Takumi" is a quality iron cookware made in Japan using "magma plate". This range of iron frying pan is designed by Mr Sori Yanagi, a designer who believes in designing cookware for easy usage.

Enjoy quality professional high flame frying for a quick spread of heat for excellent frying of Asian food. It takes 39 seconds to reach a temperature of 200 degree, excellent for fast cooking and keeping nutrients in food intact.

As a top Japan quality pan, it is also a good gift to mothers and housewives for their cooking pleasure. Product comes in a box.

Material: body :pure iron

Made in Japan. Import from Japan.

Product Description:-

Measurement range -50 to 240 ° C, Easy to store and clean kitchen.
-Can be hung and stored with hook holes.
-With a magnet on the back of the sensor cap.

The number is easier to read even if you hold the display sideways or with your left hand.

Easy-to-use design
-Since the sensor holder can be held by inserting it into the hook hole, you can use it away from the fire source.
-Reliable drip-proof specification (IPX2) -With a hold function that can fix the display at a measured temperature-
The temperature inside roast beef and chocolate can also be measured.



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