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Fill your plate with the colours of the rainbow. What pleases the eye , pleases the body .

This is a series of tableware NITORI Japan, with a chrysanthemum flower motif that adds color and a sense of luxury to your dishes.

The chrysanthemum flower motif gives color and a sense of luxury to dishes. It's a great way to add a touch of color and class to your table.

✅ Made from Japan 

✅ Made from ceramic underglaze material

✅ Japanese chrysanthemum flower design

✅ Suitable for office, hotel, home, gift, etc...

✅ Can be use as dinner set, salad bowl, display, etc..

✅ Features as firm, durable, lead-free, anti-slip, etc...

✅ Safe for microwave, dishwasher, sterilize

✅ Gas fire, oven not available




Diamteter: Width 16.3 x Depth 16.3 x Height 6.3 cm

Weight: About 80g


Diamteter: Width 19.3 x Depth 19.3 x Height 7.8 cm

Weight: About 110g


Diamteter: Width 22.5 x Depth 22.5 x Height 8.7 cm

Weight: About 140g


Diamteter: Width 24 x Depth 24x Height 10.1 cm

Weight: About 150g


Whether preparing a stir fry dish or slowly building a rich cream base soup, the Marmite is the ideal solution for stovetop simmering.


● S- 16cm / 18cm / 20cm frying pan, pot compatible

● M - 22cm / 24cm / 26cm frying pan, pot compatible

● L - 26cm / 28cm / 30cm frying pan, pot compatible
● 3 size frying pan, one pot compatible
● Convenient for a little placement during cooking
● Glass lid with visible contents
, dishwasher unusable

Quality indication
■ Product name: Reinforced glass equipment
■ Reinforcement type: Front physical reinforcement
■ Material type
Body: Steel
Handle: Phenol formaldehyde resin (heat resistant temperature 150 ℃)
■ Surface processing: Fluorine resin coating processing
■ Corresponding size: 26 to 30cm


● To prevent dirt and burns on the stove!
● Reduces sudden large oil splashes
● Prevents oil splashes while leaving steam in the pan

●Reduces splattering of thick dishes such as curry and tomato sauce
● Easy storage without taking up space
● Convenient for draining hot water

■ Corresponding size: 20 cm or less pot / frying pan
■ Material: Stainless steel

[Handling precautions]
・ Do not heat directly.
・ Do not use in a microwave oven or oven.
・ If the handle gets hot, use a mittens or cloth.