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  • Material: Ceramic - Pottery

  • Colour : mixed of beige and white

  • Country of manufacturer: Japan

  •  X Direct Heat X Oven ✔️ Dish Washer ✔️ Microwave




Diameter: Width 14 x Depth 14 x Height 6.8 cm

Weight: About 330g


Diameter: Width 17.5 x Depth 17.5 x Height 7.3 cm

Weight: About 540g


Diameter: Width 20.6 x Depth 20.6 x Height 8.3 cm

Weight: About 700g


Diameter: Width 23.7 x Depth 23.7 x Height 9.3 cm

Weight: About 940g


Diameter: Width 26.5 x Depth 26.5 x Height 10.5 cm

Weight: About 1200g


【Product Features】 · It is designed to make convection of heat more efficient by making the bottom corner round. · first inner lid (inner lid) is used to prevent boiling over during cooking and cooking, and reduce stress during cooking. · Since there is depth, it is also recommended for small amounts of fried food and bread making.


【KIRAMEKI JAPAN】The best seller
* Kirameki Same material same manufacturer as Takumi ‼️*
Made in JapanDirectly Import from Japan 



Capture the most precious moments of your beloved baby with this picture frame, embossed with animal motifs, letters of the alphabet and the Le Creuset logo. Le Creuset's Baby Collection makes the perfect gift for new parents celebrating the arrival of new life.


A miniature size of a tagine pot with the motif of Mt. Fuji is now available in stoneware.


● Tableware water goes directly to the sink! Free layout!
● Plenty of frequently used glasses, cups, bowls, cutlery, cooking utensils, etc.
● With a drain that allows the water accumulated in the main body to flow directly into the sink.
Since drainage can be done in any direction, the layout can be freely arranged vertically and horizontally.
● The water stopper allows you to keep the dishes on the table, which saves water. It can also be used as a washing tub for vegetables.
● With a partition that can separate chopsticks, cutlery, cooking utensils, etc.
● Plates can be erected using slits through which water flows.
● Easy to move with a handle
● Tableware can be placed horizontally and the edges do not easily reach the bottom, so it dries quickly and is hygienic.


● S- 16cm / 18cm / 20cm frying pan, pot compatible

● M - 22cm / 24cm / 26cm frying pan, pot compatible

● L - 26cm / 28cm / 30cm frying pan, pot compatible
● 3 size frying pan, one pot compatible
● Convenient for a little placement during cooking
● Glass lid with visible contents
, dishwasher unusable

Quality indication
■ Product name: Reinforced glass equipment
■ Reinforcement type: Front physical reinforcement
■ Material type
Body: Steel
Handle: Phenol formaldehyde resin (heat resistant temperature 150 ℃)
■ Surface processing: Fluorine resin coating processing
■ Corresponding size: 26 to 30cm


● Easy-to-cut perforations
Can be washed repeatedly, dries quickly and is hygienic ● Excellent water absorption and quick wiping of oil stains

■ Number of cuts: 42
■ Size (approx.)
Product: Diameter 9 x Height 20 cm
dish Per: 40 x 20 cm
■ Material: Polyester, rayon

* When washing this product, wash it by hand with soap or a neutral detergent in the kitchen.
* Avoid using chlorine bleach.


● To prevent dirt and burns on the stove!
● Reduces sudden large oil splashes
● Prevents oil splashes while leaving steam in the pan

●Reduces splattering of thick dishes such as curry and tomato sauce
● Easy storage without taking up space
● Convenient for draining hot water

■ Corresponding size: 20 cm or less pot / frying pan
■ Material: Stainless steel

[Handling precautions]
・ Do not heat directly.
・ Do not use in a microwave oven or oven.
・ If the handle gets hot, use a mittens or fukin.

  • Enamelled stoneware dish, Ideal for gratins pies, and other side dishes, 18 cm, 0.6 litres, Available in a range of colours, Made in Thailand
  • Easy to use and clean: Freezer safe, Stain-resistant enamel, Easy to handwash, Dishwasher safe
  • Strong stoneware, Durable chip-resistant enamel, Heats food evenly, Lasting heat retention, Withstands temperatures up to 260°C, 10-year guarantee
  • Stylish presentation from oven or fridge to table, Ideal gift item for individuals and couples