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【Ready Stock!】Japan Cockroach Bait 日本强型 蟑螂屋小黑帽效
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Size (L x W x H) 21 cm x 14 cm x 3 cm
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Recommended !Very effective ‼️ Malaysia Ready Stock !

(1) It works from that day! Formulated with the fast-acting component fipronil, the effect of which will be effective from the day you put it Immediate elimination of cockroaches that ate food.

(2) Works on eggs held by females! It also works on eggs possessed by the German cockroach that ate the bait.

(3) Works on drug resistant cockroaches! It also works well against cockroaches that are resistant to drugs.

(4) Works well for cockroaches in the nest! The cockroaches that ate the bait return to the nest, and the cockroaches that have eaten their cockles and dead carcasses are also eliminated. The larva and other adults in the nest are quickly and completely defeated.


【Efficacy effect】 Cockroach control

【how to use】

Please separate and use one by one. When detaching the container, cut the container carefully with the round side up, as the container may break. Place 1-2 pieces per 10 square meters in the cockroach habitat, such as in the corner of the kitchen or under a sink.

Do not apply sprays or other agents to this product or its surroundings.

It is more effective if you use one box (12 pieces) at a time.

After installation, there is an effect for about one year. (It varies according to use environment)


【Effective place】

・ In the drawer ・ Under the refrigerator ・ In the shelf ・ Under the sink ・ The corner of the kitchen


1. Caution in use

・ Strictly follow the prescribed usage and dose.

・ This product is contained in a container, so do not remove the contents from the container and use as it is.

・ Do not touch skin, food, children's toys, feed etc.

・ If the medicine gets in your hands, wash it with soap and water.

・ Please place in a place where water does not splash.


2. Cautions during and after use

・ Please distinguish it from food, dishes, feed, etc. when using or storing, and be careful not to eat it accidentally.

・ In case of accidental ingestion, immediately exhale, immediately notify a physician that this product is a preparation containing fipronil, and seek medical attention.

-When using, please put in a place where children and pets can not play.


3. Cautions on storage and disposal

-Avoid direct sunlight, please keep out of reach of children.

・ Don't use this used product with children, etc. and discard it as plastic waste without diverting it to others.


日本强效型 蟑螂屋小黑帽

灭蟑螂药 无毒无味 无刺激 12入





同类食用该排泄物后也会产生连锁反应。 用连锁效果完全消灭蟑螂于无形中!


食用本品后的蟑螂排出含有本品成分的排泄物 因为蟑螂具有食粪便的习性,自己的粪便或者同类的粪便均会食用 同类食用该排泄物后就会产生连锁反应,达到全部消灭的目的


食用本产品后的蟑螂产卵后, 受连锁反应其卵也无法羽化,即使羽化也会立即死亡。


约3日后本品产生效果,蟑螂体因内水分缺失, 多数蟑螂都会为了寻水源而爬到下水道,因此地板上很少会看到蟑螂的尸体。



蔗糖、甘油、麦芽糖、苯甲钠酸 常用的食品防腐剂,有防止变质发酸,延长保质期的效果、香料及其他。




2、 掰开的时候,为了不让小黑帽开裂,圆弧面朝上


4、 一次把12个都用了效果最佳

5、 放好以后可以使用6个月



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